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How to Draw a Compass Rose Step by Step
aw a Simple Compass On Your Maps — Map Effects


1: Defining the Shape

The first step is simple enough and all you have to do is draw a circle the size you want the main part of the compass to be.

2: Drawing the Second Circle

Next you just need to add a smaller circle inside the one you already drew. This now becomes the outside rim of your compass

3: Adding a Point

Add another circle much smaller in the middle of the compass. The size of which is really up to you and will depend on personal preference.

Then draw a triangle from the center circle out past the outermost circle. Be sure to erase any of the lines of the outer circles that the triangle overlaps. You can see that this is already starting to create dimension.

4: Finishing the Points

You now want to add three more triangles the same size as your first one. If you are working digitally this can easily be done by copying and rotating the original one you added.

6: Drawing in Details

The first thing you will want to do is draw some straight lines down the center of the original triangles you drew. Once you add some shading this will really make them stand out.

Next you can add another circle inside the innermost circle. Then add some small tick marks on the inside of the second circle in between each triangle you’ve drawn.

7: Blocking in Some Colors

Block in some base colors. I chose a red (#8c4646) for the outer ring and a beige (#c5b195) for the rest. Be sure to mix it up and try some different color pallets though. Often this will be based on the existing colors you used on your map. You want something that will compliment well with the overall look of your project.

8: Shading

Imagine where the light would hit the compass, and draw shadows accordingly. In this case my light source is coming from a high left. Which means that it will throw sections on the right and bottom in shadow. The other thing that you can safely do is add a little bit over shadow anywhere something overlaps.

I am using a custom stipple brush I created for the shading, because I wanted a lot of texture so it would look more vintage. But the main thing to keep in mind is to choose the tool that will achieve the look you want for the final piece.

9: Adding a Pop of Highlights

Now the compass is really getting some depth, but it looks a little flat still. To fix this you can add some highlights on the opposite side of where you placed your shadows. This will really make the whole thing stand out.

One thing to keep in mind is that the stronger the highlights are, the more reflective and “metal” a surface will appear. A smooth metal is more reflective than your average stone. Keep that in mind particularly as you shade to achieve the look you want.

As you can see, there are a number of things you could potentially do to add variation to this design. Even as I put this tutorial together I came up with half a dozen different looking compasses just by adjusting the size of the circles, the length of the points, and the amount of detail I included. The nice thing about the compass being such a basic shape is that you can easily incorporate patterns or illustrations that really match the map you are placing it on, while keeping it easily identifiable as a compass.

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How to Draw a Simple Compass On Your Maps – Map Effects

How to Draw a Simple Compass On Your Maps - Map Effects

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  • Sumary: A compass rose is one of the most recognizable symbols of map-making. Not only do they serve a purpose to orient the viewer, but they are an opportunity to get creative and…

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  • Intro: How to Draw a Simple Compass On Your Maps — Map Effects 1: Defining the ShapeThe first step is simple enough and all you have to do is draw a circle the size you want the main part of the compass to be. 2: Drawing the Second CircleNext you just…
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How do you depict a straightforward compass on a map?

Around the outside of the dial, draw four equidistant small triangles, one at the top, bottom, left, and right sides. Sketch short, straight lines along the dial edge between these triangles. Draw a small triangle on either side of the compass needle.

How should a compass be drawn?

Step 1: Draw a line of any length and mark a point A on the line; this point serves as the beginning of the line segment. Step 2: With the aid of a ruler, place the compass pointer 4 units away from the pencil’s lead. Step 3: Place the compass pointer at A. Mark an arc with the pencil point.

How are cardinal directions drawn?

How to Sketch a Compass Rose

  1. Draw Two 12′ Legs.
  2. Draw Two More 6′ Legs.
  3. Make Marks at 6″ up the 6′ Legs.
  4. Draw the Sides of the Four N/S/E/W Legs to the Marked Points.
  5. Draw Marks 6″ up the Point Edges from the First Marked Points.
  6. Draw the Sides of the Short Points From the Tip to the New Marks.

Step-by-step instructions for drawing a compass rose

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As you rotate yourself while keeping an eye on the magnetic needle and holding the compass flat in front of you, make sure the direction of travel arrow is pointing directly ahead. When the red end of the needle precisely aligns with the orienting arrow, stop.

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a section of the YouTube video How to Draw a Compass Real Easy

Whether a player wins or loses, they are guaranteed the same number of matches as all other players in a Compass Draw, which is the same as a traditional knockout with the exception that when a player is knocked out, they enter another draw.

How do you create a true compass in drawing?

Start by pointing your left arm in the direction of the sun in the morning, then take your right hand and point it west, so that you are now facing south and have your back to the north. This will help you to understand where north, south, east, and west are. Image: Caitlin Dempsey

How can one determine north, south, east, and west?

If there is no arrow, the top of the map should be read as north, while the bottom of the map should be read as south. The arrowhead on the map indicates the north direction, while the bottom of the map should be read as south. To the right is the east, and to the left is the west.

How can you tell which way is up on the map?

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a segment from the YouTube video How to do simple geometry patterns for beginners

Since opposites attract, a compass essentially consists of a light magnet—typically a magnetized needle—on a free rotating pivot that allows it to react to magnetic fields more effectively. The southern pole of the needle is drawn to the Earth’s magnetic north pole because opposites attract.

For beginners, how does a compass operate?

Direction of Travel Arrow: This arrow is situated on the front of the base plate and points in the direction you will be traveling once a bearing has been established. Orienteering Arrow: This arrow is situated on the floor of the compass dial underneath the magnetic needle.

What are a compass’s three main components?

The four intercardinal (or ordinal) directions are created by bisecting the above, giving: northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW). The four cardinal directions are north (N), east (E), south (S), and west (W), at 90° angles on the compass rose.

How exactly do you use a compass?

All magnetized objects, such as the needle of a compass, are affected by this force, which runs from the south magnetic pole to the north magnetic pole and causes the needle to always point in the direction of the north magnetic pole.

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