Lời bài hát Dovahkiin ( Dragonborn )


Ca sĩ:

Dan Bull

Sáng tác:
Dan Bull

Who’s rappin dovahkiin Dragons? i’m not over keen i’ll dice them like a knife slicing right through an aubergine my dragon shout flow is sweeter than a sodastreem you won’t believe your eyes i’m like an overload of dopamine A broadsword in one hand and a magic spell in the other i’m the last one of the dragonborn there’s no other, my brother so run for cover if you’ve got scales then i’m on your tail and i will not fail like a free-roaming sandbox game i’m off the rails i’ll walk the trail throug awful gales and storms of hail ’til all the nails are knocked into your coffin i’m not stopping ’til you’re impaled and i’ve prevailed in the name of the nords i pray to the lords you all get a taste of the blade of my sword i’m taking on hordes of enemies i face them with hoards of weaponry they’re draining my force so chemistry come into play with retorts and recipes alchemixing like a DJ reatoration, restore my energy my legacy odyssey elegy prophecy’s written in heavenly bodies and buried with everybody that ever did bother to mess with me deading them terribly horribly i’m a celebrity honestly you’re a wannabe i’m a prodigy the suggestion you’re better than me at being a warrior? Ha! Comedy it’s a gift to me i don’t just spit flames lyrically, but literally and the elder scrolls are scripts in which i’ve written your obituary i am the dragon born wearing a hat with badass horns i’m dovahkiin known globaly you’re nobody at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


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