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Bigg Boss 15 || TODAY FULL EPISODE || 20 Oct 2021
15 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: 7 Contestants Get Nominated

Bigg Boss 15 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 18
11:15 PM
Shamita asks Nishant what should I tell you? You have talked to me in English many times so it was not about breaking rules. I know you wanted to save Pratik but Akasa came before me for you? You told me that you have my back so what is all this? I know it’s a game but Akasa was above me? It’s making me lose faith in you. Nishant says I am sorry.

Karan tells his team that we will go in the illusion room. Miesha says you can’t tell us what goes inside but I can plan the next step. Shamita might play fairly so let’s go first. Vishal says yes, you or I can go first.

11:30 PM
The buzzer plays and the first round of nominations starts. Shamita says I am going first? Karan says no, I am going first. Shamita says you told me that I am going first so why did you change the plan? I will go 2nd. Simba and Umar say we want to go also. Karan asks Shamita if she gets power in the room to save others then will she use logic? Shamita says we are playing this game for ourselves. Umar says if Shamita goes into the illusion room then she won’t ever save me, I can’t trust her. Karan tells Umar that we still have 3 chances left. Simba says let’s Shamita go first and then we will decide. Shamita says I am going first. Bigg Boss asks Shamita to go into the illusion room.

Shamita enters the illusion room. Bigg Boss says you can see pictures of the inmates that Nishant chose for nomination. She has the option to save herself from nominations by nominating someone else. Bigg Boss says the choice is to keep herself nominated or nominate someone else from the lot in her place. He says if you take someone’s name then that person will be nominated and won’t get a chance to enter this room. Shamita thinks and says I won’t save myself. I am keeping myself nominated. I want these inmates to get a chance to save themselves. Bigg Boss asks her to spray on her picture then. Shamita does it and leaves the room.

In the house, all rush to Shamita. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Shamita kept herself nominated so she is the first person in the nominations. Shamita asks Umar if he is fine now? Bigg Boss asks the inmates to choose who will go inside next. Karan says I will go next.

11:45 PM
Karan enters the illusion room. Bigg Boss you have a choice to nominate yourself or nominate someone else in his place to save himself. Karan says I don’t want to save myself. Bigg Boss says Shamita has nominated herself so it’s up to you now if you want to nominate himself or someone else in his place. That person won’t get a chance to enter the room. Karan sprays on his own photo and nominates himself.

Karan enters the house. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Karan nominated himself. Afsana says I am going next. Vishal says let Afsana go. She should go. Karan says fine. Shamita tells Vishal that we shouldn’t send Afsana. Vishal says let her do it.

12 AM
Shamita asks Karan what was his plan? Karan says we can just protect ourselves. Vishal can go 4th and would nominate someone else. Shamita says we shouldn’t send Vishal in the last place, let Afsana go last. Karan calls Afsana but the buzzer plays. Afsana starts going inside. Karan asks her to stop but she doesn’t.

Afsana goes into the illusion room. Bigg Boss you have a choice to nominate yourself or nominate someone else in her place to save herself. He says you can’t nominate Shamita or Karan. She can choose from others or keep herself nominated. Afsana says I want to nominate Vishal because he made me look like a liar, he made me say all those bad words. She sprays on his photo. She leaves the room.

Vishal tells Karan and Shamita that I don’t want to be in the nominations as you both are nominated. Shamita tells Karan to send Vishal on the 4th. Karan says these guys won’t agree. Vishal tells Shamita that I can’t take the risk of being in the nominations when you both are nominated already. People still don’t know me much.

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Afsana enters the house and says I can’t tell anything. Bigg Boss says Afsana saved herself and has nominated Vishal so he is nominated this week. Vishal can’t go in the illusion room now. Shamita tells Karan that’s what I was saying. Vishal smiles sadly and goes away. Afsana tells Simba I was so confused. Simba says you always wanted to nominate him. Afsana says I can’t say anything.

12:15 AM
Vishal tells Afsana that nobody wanted to send you in the illusion room, I was the only one to send you in the room but you took my name? Afsana says I got confused. Vishal says you could have nominated anyone but why me? Afsana says I can’t say anything. Vishal says am I least deserving? Afsana says no. Vishal leaves. Nishant tells Afsana that you did what you thought was right. Nishant tells Afsana that Karan nominated himself so he doesn’t care much.

Karan tells his group that it’s our last chance. Shamita, Vishal and I are nominated already. Umar says we can skip the chance. Karan says we can’t. Ishaan says so we all want to go inside. We should skip the last round. Shamita says you all might get nominated this way. Ishaan tells Karan that anyone who gets nominated against Karan, Shamita and Vishal will go home. Simba says I think we should play the last round. Miesha tells Simba that we have no chance against these 3. Anyone from us getting nominated will have to go home.

The buzzer plays, Umar says everyone want to save themselves now. Shamita asks them to decide. Umar tells Bigg Boss that no one wants to go inside. Shamita asks Miesha to go inside. Umar says we want to play fairly. Bigg Boss says you people think you can get the task rejected? Stop taking tasks jokingly. We are giving you a chance to save yourself but you made the strategy to get the task rejected. Bigg Boss says the nomination task has ended. Shamita, Karan and Vishal are nominated. He says Simba, Miesha, Ishaan and Umar made a plan to not play the last round which means they don’t want to save themselves. If they want to get nominated then we will fulfill their wishes. Bigg Boss says Shamita, Karan, Vishal, Ishaan, Miesha, Simba and Umar are nominated now. Ishaan tells Vishal we wanted this only.

12:45 AM
Pratik asks Umar and Ishaan why did you fight with Nishant so much if you wanted to get nominated like this? Ishaan says we couldn’t reach a decision. Umar says Pratik didn’t even enter the ring, you are still enjoying OTT. You are just enjoying the show. Ishaan tells Pratik that we took a fair decision. I could have saved myself but we want to play fairly. Pratik says I am just saying to not blame Nishant if you all had to do this. Tejasswi tells Pratik you don’t need to say all this. Nishant asks Pratik to let it be. Tejasswi says I care about Nishant so stop talking to them Pratik. Pratik says you care more about Nishant than me? Nishant asks Pratik to let them be, don’t talk on my behalf.

1:15 AM
Nishant tells Karan that I took your name, Shamita and Vishal’s name because you 3 are strong. Who could I have chosen in Umar’s place? Karan says you could have taken Tejasswi’s name as she won’t be eliminated. If you had saved Umar and Ishaan then you would have earned their loyalty. Nishant says I have Tejasswi’s loyalty. I don’t trust Vishal. Karan says he should have gone in the room but it’s good he didn’t go. Karan says if you had to nominate me then at least you should have saved Umar, he is my man, he trusts me and made you the captain because I asked him. Umar is my man which I want to take forward.

1:45 AM
Vishal and Shamita talk to the camera. Vishal says we got backstabbed by our friends and got nominated. But we are still smiling.

2:30 AM
Simba tells Karan that I understood the nomination task but I thought Shamita would nominate Afsana. Karan says Shamita is smart, she wanted glory. Simba says she is not even friends with us so why would she save us? Karan says she wants to earn hearts of the audiences. She played the game.

Vishal tells Nishant that Karan and Shamita wasted their votes if they nominated themselves. They should have played the game. Nishant says Shamita was questioning my decision but why did she not nominate anyone herself? Vishal says she could have nominated Afsana easily.

Day 19
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song twist. They all dance. Tejasswi hugs Karan and says you are still sleeping, you are breaking rules that’s why they all got nominated. Karan laughs as Tejasswi hugs him tightly.

9:30 AM
BigG enters the house. He leaves the message which says that they want to earn a lot as it’s all about money these days.

9:45 AM
Karan tells Nishant that we played the nomination task badly. Nishant says why didn’t you nominate anyone? You could have nominated Miesha or Ishaan. I would have saved myself and nominate anyone else in my place. Karan says I am learning. Nishant says Shamita has a problem that I nominate her and save Akasa but then she got a chance to save herself but she saved others? The people who are not even her friends.

Shamita tells Vishal that I am fed up, I don’t feel close to anyone. We will get nominated every week so why fight so much? Why does Umar fight with others if he gets nominated?

10:45 AM
Miesha asks Ishaan that you talked your scene with him (some male friend)? Ishaan says we didn’t have any scene but he keeps talking about it. Ishaan says he called me before I entered the house and tried to threaten me. Ishaan says he was my friend before but I had to play him for a while. I had to play him for a while for work. This is how it goes. I had nothing with him. Miesha says I am okay if you are (gay?), I won’t mind. Ishaan says I promise on God that I wouldn’t lie to you like this, you don’t trust me at all. Miesha says it’s not about trust. Ishaan says I played around with him but then he started going overboard so we had a fight. Then he threatened me that I won’t get any work in the industry. Miesha says I don’t want anyone say things about you. I will let this go but you have to promise me this will never happen again, you won’t play around ever again.

11 AM
Nishant asks Shamita why did she nominate herself? Shamita says I had a chance to save someone here, I don’t think I will be eliminated. Everyone was fighting for a chance so I didn’t want to take it away. If my friends do this with me then it’s fine. Nishant says that’s not a point. Shamita says you do a lot for Pratik so don’t fool me. Nishant says I do but Pratik does what he wants to. I had power so I want to do what I wanted to. I have told you many time that I don’t trust Vishal but you trust him. Shamita says do you trust me more than Akasa or not? Nishant says that’s not a comparison. Shamita says I believe you have saved Akasa for Pratik. Nishant says it’s not like that. Shamita says I never expected you to nominate me in the first nomination only. You have broken the trust.

11:15 AM
Nishant tells Umar that I don’t have a strong with you all. He says I wanted to save you from the nominations as I gave you my word but they asked me to take 8 names. Karan says you even took my name. Umar says but why did you save Akasa? Nishant says I wanted to save you Umar. Umar says it’s not about that. Nishant says I am playing like I want to, you don’t need to trust me.

12 PM
Shamita tells Karan that when you went 2nd in the illusion room, I told Vishal that you shouldn’t have gone inside. Karan says you should have told me that. He says I sent you inside first because I trust you. We would have saved you because we have trust issues with some other people. Shamita sees Pratik passingby and asks Karan to stop talking. Karan says I don’t care. He tells Shamita that I want to gain your trust, I sent you first in the room to tell you that I trust you.

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3:15 PM
Miesha hugs Ishaan and says you have put makeup on? Ishaan laughs and says yes. Jay comes there and laughs at them hugging tightly. He runs from there and tells the inmates that I am seeing too much in this house. Miesha laughs and runs behind him. Jay says I am trying to be seen on Colors but Misha-Ishaan keep dragging me to Voot. All laugh.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people lost the right to stay in the house because of breaking the house rules. If you want to earn the place in the house again then you have to give money from the prize money. You should work hard to enter the house as we will keep taking away small amenities from the jungle. Like we have stopped gas supply in the jungle. The gas supply is in the house kitchen only. He asks Tejasswi to read the instructions. She reads the task ‘ticket to the main house’ in which they have a chance to earn place in the house again. The jungle inmates who earn these tickets will enter the house. There will be pairs like:

She reads that Nishant will be the referee of the task. In the task, Bigg Boss will send materials to make BB points. All pairs will run to get the material so they can make their own points. The material will be sent through a tunnel. Nishant will decide which pair will get what time to make their points. Nishant will approve their points. All pairs have to protect their BB points. After the round ends, Nishant will accept or reject the BB points. After every round, Nishant will announce the winning pair who will be able to earn a ticket, enter the house and then they won’t play the next round.

5:30 PM
Vishal, Jay and Simba are standing near the slide. Ishaan whispers to Umar to make an alliance. Umar asks Karan if he wants to make an alliance? Karan says it’s not about an alliance. Umar says we can. Umar tells Ishaan that Karan is okay with the alliance.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the first round will start in a bit. Thhe first ticket’s cost is 5 lacs which will be deducted from the prize money if the winning pair of the round use it to enter the house.

6 PM
The materials start coming in from the slide. All guys fight to get it. The gong plays, Nishant says the first pair to make BB points is Umar-Afsana. Umar says I don’t have paint. He tries to print BB points using the material. Karan tries to help him. Umar says I can’t do it. Nishant says Jay-Pratik are next. Jay starts printing BB points but Umar attacks them. Akasa protects Jay and Pratik. Simba grabs Umar so he can’t attack them. Umar takes their material and runs away. He jumps in the pool. Akasa jumps behind him in the pool. Akasa says he took away my paper. Simba says it’s fine, don’t jump in the pool. Pratik and Jay are making their BB points. Akasa tells Umar to not take their paper, I gave it to Pratik. Umar says I will give you the paper but you don’t need to protect Pratik. Umar grabs Pratik and tries to take material from him. Pratik says it’s not that easy. Nishant asks them to be careful. Afsana throws water on Jay’s material so it’s destroyed. Jay tries to grab her. Umar says you can’t grab her clothes. Nishant says Pratik-Jay’s time is done.
Nishant and asks Karan-Tejasswi to start their task. Jay tells Pratik that I won’t use 5 lacs to enter the house. Pratik says then someone else will use it. Jay says we will get another chance to enter the house. Pratik says but these people will use this ticket if not us. Tejasswi-Karan are making their BB point. Akasa tells Jay that we can use thinner to make more paint. Umar doesn’t let Afsana attack Karan. Pratik throws water at Karan’s paper but Umar grabs him and protects Karan’s papers. Jay snatches the papers from Tejasswi and tears them. Tejasswi says are you kidding me? Nishant says their time ends now. Ishaan says Pratik is crazy man. You just do destruction in the tasks. Tejasswi tells Pratik that he can never play fairly, you just want to put others down. Pratik says it’s a task so I am doing my part.
Nishant says Shamita-Vishal are next. They start making BB points. Pratik attacks Karan’s paper again but Karan throws him on the floor in anger. Pratik charges at him and shouts how dare you? Bigg Boss asks them to stop it. Ishaan takes Karan and says don’t lose patience. Tejasswi says Karan didn’t do anything, he was just grabbing Pratik. Jay says Karan pinned Pratik down, Karan is my friend but he is wrong. Tejasswi says Pratik was charging at Karan so he was defending himself. Pratik says they can’t play the task nicely. Tejasswi says how many tasks did you play fairly? Don’t touch Karan again otherwise I won’t spare you. Pratik says he threw me on the floor. Jay tells Tejasswi that Karan threw him which is violence. Tejasswi says Pratik was charging at him. Jay tells Karan to be careful, you grabbed him and threw him on the floor. Karan says I will accept if you are saying so. Tejasswi says Pratik slipped and fell down, it was not Karan’s fault. Jay asks Tejasswi that I am playing by the rules, you were not saying anything when Umar was attacking me. You all made an alliance against me. Karan says I didn’t make an alliance against you, I will leave right now if I am lying. Jay says I don’t want to win by giving away 5 lacs, I am just playing for passion.
Ishaan and Miesha are doing their task. Pratik throws water at them. Ishaan charges at him. Bigg Boss asks them to not push each other. Ishaan says he threw water at my mic.

Jay tells Tejasswi that I am playing the task by rules. You were silent when Umar was attacking me. Tejasswi says Ishaan, Miesha and Umar were helping but I didn’t expect Jay to attack me.

6:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Jay that Pratik is supporting Akasa-Simba now but you couldn’t support me? Jay says all are making alliances here. I am playing my task here. Ishaan says Pratik can never play fairly. Pratik says I am crazy, I won’t say anything. Jay says I am destroying things in the task as I don’t want to spend 5 lacs. Miesha says we won’t be able to live without gas. Someone has to go in the house. Jay says they won’t let us die here hungry.

Nishant tells everyone to stop the task. The gong plays and the first round ends. Nishant says I will do quality check now. Ishaan says I didn’t get much time to make any BB points. Nishant says you will get time in the next rounds. Ishaan says just be fair. Nishant says I will be so don’t worry.

Nishant checks each pair’s BB points. He rejects Vishal-Shamita’s points. Vishal is stunned.

The episode ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions About bigg boss 15 20 oct 2021

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When Bigg Boss 15 is going to end?


Who leaves Bigg Boss 15 out today?

Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz gets evicted from the show; Rashami Desai and Karan Kundrra get teary-eyed – Times of India

What is the date of Bigg Boss 2021?

Colors TV is back with Bigg Boss 15 (BB 15) for the year 2021 with the new contestants for this season. Bigg Boss 15 will start with a premiere night on Saturday, 2nd October 2021 from 9:30 PM

Is Bigg Boss 15 being extended?

BIGG BOSS 15 GETS 2-WEEK EXTENSION The official Instagram handle of Colors TV shared the new promo where Salman Khan can be seen sharing with the housemates that Bigg Boss 15 has been extended

When did Bigg Boss 16 start?

Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 16 was premiered on 1 October 2022 at 9.30 pm. You can watch this show on Colors TV. If you are not able to watch this show on TV for some reason, then you can also watch it on Voot app.

Who is winner of Bigg Boss 15 finale?

Rakhi Sawant has become the first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss 15 finale as the actress has won the ticket to finale task and has become the first contestant to win it.

Who is winner of Bigg Boss 15?

When it came to Devoleena’s turn, she hit back at Rakhi, saying, ?Rakhi Sawant do din ke liye jail jaa kar aayi (Rakhi Sawant has been in jail for two days).? Salman reminded Devoleena that he too has been in jail.

Who won Bigg Boss 15 today?

Tejasswi Prakash wins Bigg Boss 15

Pratik Sehajpal has emerged as the first runner-up.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 2021 15?

Tejasswi Prakash is the winner. The winner of Bigg Boss season 15 is Tejasswi Prakash and the runner-up is Pratik Sehajpal.

Who was Bigg Boss 15 winner?

Bigg Boss 15 Grand Finale Live Updates: Tejasswi Prakash emerged as Bigg Boss 15 winner with Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra as the first and second runners-up, respectively, of the Salman Khan-hosted show. Tejasswi Prakash was announced the Bigg Boss 15 winner on Sunday.

Did tejaswi win Bigg Boss?

Mumbai: TV star Tejasswi Prakash on Saturday beat actor-model Pratik Sehajpal to emerge as the winner of reality show “Bigg Boss” season 15. Ms Prakash, known for starring on “Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur”, took home the Bigg Boss trophy along with ? 40 Lakh cash prize.

Who are the top 5 finalist of Bigg Boss 15?

The choice has to be made by the top 5 finalists, Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat.

Is Bigg Boss 15 winner declared?

Karan Kundrra made it as the second runner-up on the show. Tejasswi is Bigg Boss 15 winner.

Will Pratik win Bigg Boss 15?

Bigg Boss 15 winner: Tejasswi Prakash won Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 15 after beating Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra. They took home the trophy and a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh. Tejasswi Prakash won Bigg Boss 15. After close to four months, Bigg Boss has found its winner in Tejasswi Prakash.

Who is deserving winner of BB 15?

WHY PRATIK SEHAJPAL IS THE DESERVING WINNER OF BIGG BOSS 15. Pratik, who became the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 15, played a terrific game in the house. He was fearless and often engaged in high voltage fights with co-contestants.

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Bigg Boss 15 || TODAY FULL EPISODE || 20 Oct 2021

>Oct 20, 2021 — Bigg Boss says the nomination task has ended. Shamita, Karan and Vishal are nominated. He says Simba, Miesha, Ishaan and Umar made a plan to not …(function(){var uer=false;var eid=’fld_1′;(function(){var a=uer,,c=google.c.sxs?”load2″:”load”;if(google.timers&&google.timers[c].t){var d=0;if(eid){var e=document.getElementById(eid);e&&(d=Math.floor(e.getBoundingClientRect().top+window.pageYOffset))}for(var f=d>=google.c.wh,g=document.getElementsByTagName(“img”),h=0,k=void 0;k=g[h++];)google.c.setup(k,!1,d);f&&(a||google.c.ataf)&&google.c.ubr(!1,b,d,!a&&google.c.ataf)};}).call(this);})();.dFd2Tb{position:relative}.ct3b9e{line-height:20px}.dXiKIc{display:flex;line-height:1.58;max-width:48em;margin-top:4px}.U1TUId{border-radius:12px;overflow:hidden}.U1TUId,.yZvQec{justify-content:center;margin-top:4px;position:relative;height:100px;margin-right:16px;width:178px}.mSA5Bd{flex-grow:1}.WKugpe{padding-top:8px}.WKugpe:empty{display:none}.WKugpe 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rgba(60,64,67,.15);border-color:transparent;background:#fff}.ZkkK1e[disabled]{background:#f1f3f4;border-color:#f1f3f4;color:#bdc1c6;opacity:0.38}.L0N73c:after{left:-7px;right:-7px}.ZkkK1e[selected]{background:#e8f0fe;border-color:#d2e3fc;color:#1558d6;}@keyframes forced-chip-animation {50%{background:#d2e3fc;border-color:#8ab4f8}}.ZkkK1e[forced]{animation:forced-chip-animation 0.75s linear alternate 1}.zAoYTe .ZkkK1e[selected]:not(:focus),html:not(.zAoYTe) .ZkkK1e[selected]{outline:1px solid transparent}.xaNsfc:focus .ZkkK1e[selected],a:focus .ZkkK1e[selected],.ZkkK1e[selected]:focus{border-color:#8ab4f8;color:#174ea6;background:#d2e3fc;}.xaNsfc:active .ZkkK1e[selected],a:active .ZkkK1e[selected],.ZkkK1e[selected]:active{box-shadow:0 1px 2px rgba(66,133,244,.3), 0 1px 3px 1px rgba(66,133,244,.15);background:#e8f0fe;color:#174ea6;}.ZkkK1e[selected]:hover{background:#d2e3fc;border-color:#d2e3fc;color:#174ea6}.xaNsfc:focus .ZkkK1e[selected]:hover:not(:active),a:focus 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— Bigg Boss 15 20th October 2021 Written Update: Afsana nominate Vishal! … Today’s episode starts with Day 18- 11:15PM; Shamita asks Nishant he …Bigg Boss 15, 20th October 2021, Written Update – Pinkvilla › Tv › Serial updates › Tv › Serial updatesOct 21, 2021 — Bigg Boss 15, 20th October 2021, Written Update: Prize money at stake. In the last episode, Donal and Vidhi got eliminated.Bigg Boss 16 – 22 October 2022 – video Dailymotion › video › video1:15:20Bigg Boss 16 – 21st October 2022. … 1:20:53. Bigg Boss 16 – 15th October 2022 Bigg Boss 16 – 15 October 2022 Bigg Boss 16 – 16th October …Dailymotion · PAK DRAMAS · 1 month ago

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