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Where can I watch Jaana Na Dil Se Door?

Disney+ Hotstar

What is the story of Jana Na Dil Se Door?

Vividha is happy in her world in Ajmer. Her father, Kailash Kashyap, is her hero. Kailash strongly believes that relationships are only possible between individuals who are equal in social status. Atharv, who is not equal and without a father’s name, does not fit the perfect match that Kailash wants for his daughter.

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Where can I watch Meri Durga?

Watch All Seasons of Meri Durga on Disney+ Hotstar.

Will atharva and Vividha get married?

Vividha’s decision to marry Atharva spoils his plan, Atharva thus decides to this marry by any means and refuses to marry Vividha.

Is Madhav atharva son?

At this time Vividha reveals to the family members that Madhav is Atharv’s son. Vividha enters Raghav’s house, in disguise with Madhav. Suman doubts Madhav’s presence in the house.

Will atharva regain his memory?

According to the latest spoiler, Atharv regains his memory. This miracle happens, since he was hit at the same place by terrorist as he was hit before by Kailash’s goons.

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How many episodes are in Never Say Goodbye?

2021 | 47 Episodes

Season 1 of Never Say Goodbye premiered on .

Is atharva getting married?

Atharva agrees to marry Imlie and follows all the rituals while the truth is that he is still trying to get together with Chini as he still believes that she is the right one for him.

Is atharva engaged?

Atharva gets engaged to Imlie but it all happens in a blackout so he confuses her for Cheeni.

Will Akshara marry Abhimanyu?

After all the problems, all the obstacles, Abhimanyu and Akshara finally get married.

Who is the lover of atharva?

Atharva finally confesses his love for Cheeni and she feels happy.

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